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Use the table of contents and the corresponding practice activities to access chapter related pretests, e-flash cards, matching activities, and posttests. The chapter glossary, checkpoint solutions, and history of insurance articles are also available below.

Unit 1: The World of Insurance
2: Property and Casualty Insurance for Homes and Businesses  
3: Property and Casualty Insurance on Land, Sea, and Air  
5: Disability, Long-Term Care, and Life Insurance  
6: Additional Types of Insurance  
Unit 2: Social Insurance
8: Public Health Insurance Programs  
Unit 3: Nature of the Industry
10: Nature of the Insurance Industry  
11: How Insurance Companies Make Money  
12: State Regulation of Insurance  
13: Federal Insurance Industry Regulations  
15: Ethics and Social Responsibility  
Unit 4: Careers
17: Benefits of a Career in the Insurance Industry  

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