Chapter 9: Case Study

Meal Preparation Planning

Read the case study below.

Nicole invited her grandmother for lunch at noon. Nicole planned to serve soup and sandwiches for lunch and strawberry shortcake for dessert. When she went to serve the soup, she found that she had forgotten to turn on the range so the soup was not heated. She discovered that the bread she had planned to use for the sandwiches was stale. She also had forgotten to take the strawberries she had planned to use for the strawberry shortcake out of the freezer so they were still frozen. Nicole’s grandmother, an experienced cook, helped Nicole to get the meal on the table. She heated the soup and made toasted sandwiches. While they were eating, the strawberries thawed and were ready in time for dessert. Although Nicole enjoyed spending time with her grandmother, she felt rushed and embarrassed, wishing she had been able to serve the meal on time.

Discuss the following question in class. You may type your responses to the question in the space provided below.

Analyze the following statements about the case study to decide which are true and which are false.


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