Chapter 20: Professional Knowledge in Biotechnology Research and Development | Crossword


1.the deliberate manipulation of genetic materials to eliminate harmful traits or to ensure the presence of desirable traits.
7.term that describes a type of prescribing in which a doctor uses a medication in a way that is not specified in the product information.
9.the use of genetic information by employers and insurance companies to deny employment or insurance coverage or to treat individuals differently because of a genetic condition.
10.a form used to record the details of an unusual event, such as an accident or injury.
11.a disease or condition that results from damaged, incorrectly located, or abnormal genes.
12.a highly dangerous and strictly controlled substance that can potentially be used to develop biological or chemical weapons.


1.a medication that is chemically identical to a brand-name product and meets the same standards for quality and performance, but is usually less expensive.
2.the examination of a person’s cells to analyze his or her genes and identify possible genetic disorders.
3.a set of regulations adopted in common by a number of federal agencies to ensure the safety of testing on human subjects.
4.a movement that attempts to promote desirable genetic characteristics.
5.capable of becoming many different cell types.
6.a cell that can duplicate itself many times and has the ability to develop into many different types of cells.
8.the study of ethical practices in medical research and the use of advanced technology to treat patients.

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