Chapter 19: Fundamental Skills in Biotechnology Research and Development | Crossword


1.the likelihood of something happening.
2.damages or injuries.
8.a document that summarizes the results of several studies.
9.scientific papers that give an overview of a specific topic by summarizing the data and conclusions from several different studies.
10.plans for medical treatment.
11.libraries of biological information that may be accessed for medical research. international scientific research project with the goal of determining the sequence of chemical base pairs which make up human DNA.
13.measures that help researchers see the significance of a change that is given in percentages.


1.a document that describes research in which the authors directly participated.
3.ratio of the chance of a disease developing among people who are exposed to a specific factor compared with those who are not exposed.
4.documents that propose or suggest something.
5.ratio of the number of people who have a medical event to those who could have the event because of a medical condition.
6.the return of something after a period of time, such as the return of cancer.
7.advantages or profits.
11.a systematic error that produces a research finding that deviates from a valid finding.

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