Chapter 18: Career Skills in Biotechnology Research and Development | Crossword


1.a person who works in a crime lab to extract and match DNA from samples that are used as evidence to solve crimes. promote or support.
8.chambers for sterilizing items with steam under pressure.
12.a machine that maintains optimal conditions for the growth of microorganisms and is used to produce drugs or enzymes for use in the biotechnology industry.
13.a theory or proposed explanation that serves as the starting point for further investigation.
14.the manipulation of living organisms to produce useful products.
15.concerns, doubts, or other reasons a customer gives for not making a purchase.
16.licenses that give researchers or inventors the sole right to produce and sell a product for a set time.


2.a machine with a rapidly rotating container, which is used to separate fluids.
3.analysis done to determine the presence and amount of a substance or to determine the potency of a drug.
4.a person who provides professional advice.
5.the quality of being legitimate, accurate, and factually sound.
6.medical scientists who study genes, heredity, and the variation of organisms.
8.sets of rules that computers follow to process and analyze information.
9.the examination of urine’s physical, chemical, and microscopic properties.
10.curve at the surface of a liquid caused when it sticks to the walls of a graduated cylinder. make something free from bacteria or other microorganisms.

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