Chapter 14: Career Skills in Support Services | Crossword


1.term that describes workers who specialize in maximizing workers' effectiveness and productivity.
8.different methods that individuals might prefer to complete a job task.
9.the ability to decide independently what to do and when to do it.
10.term that describes a field specializing in communication between an organization and the public.
11.sympathy for the distress of others accompanied by a desire to help.
13.term that describes procedures and practices that maintain cleanliness and preserve public health.
14.a condition caused by too much fluid in the body tissues.
15.a special food plan ordered by a physician to help treat a disease.
16.the career pathway that focuses on creating a therapeutic environment for providing patient care.


2.workers who manage funeral homes and arrange the details of a funeral.
3.the unwanted presence of harmful substances or microorganisms.
4.the use of chemicals to kill pathogens that are present on nonliving objects.
5.a lack of sufficient sleep. of firmness, density, viscosity, or resistance to movement or separation of parts.
7.the inhalation of a liquid into the lungs.
12.the body's attempt to adjust to a change.

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