Chapter 13: Academic Knowledge: Body Systems for Transportation and Exchange | Crossword


5.tiny hairs in the mucous membranes that filter out dirt and foreign material, sweeping it toward the throat.
7.a space near the pharynx that aids in voice production; also known as the voice box.
9.uncontrolled cell growth.
11.the passageway between the nasal cavity and mouth and the esophagus; also known as the throat.
13.parasitic microbes that live in soil and on plants.
17.air-filled spaces around the nose that contain mucous membranes that help defend against infection.
19.lymphatic tissues located behind the nose, which help protect against infection.
22.a flap of cartilage that helps direct food and air down the correct tubes.
23.tiny, hollow air sacs clustered like bunches of grapes at the ends of the bronchioles, which exchange gas with the surrounding capillaries.
24.a foreign substance that causes the body to make antibodies.
25.the tube that leads from the larynx to the lungs; also known as the windpipe.
26.membranes that line the surfaces of the lungs.


1.a specialized lymphatic vessel that picks up digested fats and fat-soluble vitamins in the villi of the small intestine.
2.lymphatic tissues located near the back of the throat that help protect against infection.
3.a very small pathogen that invades and reproduces inside other cells.
4.blood plasma that remains between cells after delivering its oxygen, nutrients, and hormones.
6.a chamber at the top of the heart that receives blood from the veins.
8.a butterfly-shaped organ in the chest that helps program lymphocytes to respond to infection.
10.medications used to control bacterial infections.
12.proteins produced by leukocytes that bind with and disable antigens. microorganisms that are so small they can only be seen under a microscope.
15.a major blood vessel that moves blood from the heart out to the body tissues.
16.a yellowish liquid containing mostly water, which carries nutrients, hormones, and waste for other body systems.
18.a main blood vessel that moves blood from body tissues toward the heart.
20.a lymphatic organ located just below the diaphragm that makes lymphocytes, filters the blood, and removes old red blood cells.
21.a part of a vein that prevents backflow as blood moves against gravity toward the heart.

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