Chapter 11: Fundamental Skills in Diagnostic Services | Crossword

Across understanding between people.
3.the assumption that everyone in a particular group is the same.
8.a piece of equipment that can automatically sort and prepare samples for analysis. evaluate.
13.visual examination used to assess parts of the body by looking for abnormal color, shape, size, or texture.
16.a medical examination that uses touch to detect growths, changes in the size of organs, or tissue reactions to pressure.
17.a statement that tells oncoming staff the information necessary for a smooth continuation of patient care.
19.measures used to indicate how close to the average a person's height and weight fall.


2.surgical removal of the prostate gland.
4.a strong feeling or belief about a person or subject that is not based on reason or actual experience.
5.a serious condition that can lead to diabetic coma and needs further medical care.
6.a tool used to help patients describe and identify their pain. unfair preference for, or dislike of, something or someone.
9.being unaware of surroundings or of different attitudes.
10.a medical examination that includes tapping various body parts and using resulting sounds to assess the condition of internal organs. indication of a disease or disorder experienced by the patient, such as pain.
14.waste material released during a bowel movement.
15.access, use, or disclosure of protected health information that compromises the security or privacy of that information.
18.evidence of a health condition that can be seen or measured.

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