Chapter 9: Academic Knowledge: Body Systems for Support and Movement | Crossword


1.a break.
3.a bone that is longer than it is wide and has a hollow diaphysis.
5.term for the sensitive layer of cells beneath the nail plate at the tips of a person's fingers and toes.
6.the process of taking calcium from any ingested food and drink and depositing it into cartilage to form bone.
9.the middle layer of the skin, which contains most of the skin's structures.
10.a tough, fibrous tissue that connects muscles to bones. action that moves a dorsal surface toward a dorsal surface and increases the angle of the ventral surfaces of a joint.
13.firm, whitish, flexible connective tissue found in various body parts, including where two bones meet to form a joint.
14.a tube within the skin's surface that surrounds the root of a hair.
16.the action of turning on an axis. action that moves a limb laterally away from the side of the body.
18.term that describes the way cranial bones grow together to form a strong and immovable joint.
19.the brownish-black pigment produced by melanocytes.


1.the soft spot on an infant's head where the bones have not grown together yet.
2.a protein fiber that connects, supports, and gives strength to body tissues such as the skin, muscle tendons, and bone ligaments.
3.a tough, fibrous tissue that connects bones to other bones and holds organs in place.
6.a specialized bone-forming cell that begins the mineralization process.
7.functional group of muscles that work together to provide body movement. opening or hole, especially in a bone. action that moves a ventral surface toward a ventral surface, decreasing the angle of the joint.
15.the part of a hair where growth begins, which is embedded at the bottom of a hair follicle.

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