Chapter 5: Academic Knowledge: Medical Terminology and Body Organization | Crossword


1.a hollow space within the body that is lined by a membrane and contains bodily organs.
4.the functions or inner workings of the body.
5.a directional term that means above or higher up on the body.
7.a distinct body structure made of different tissues working together for the same purpose.
11.the part of the ventral cavity that lies above the diaphragm muscle; includes the pericardial cavity and two pleural cavities.
13.a directional term that refers to a point toward the side of the body.
14.a semifluid structure contained within the walls of a cell in which chemical reactions take place.
16.organelles that function as power stations for cells.
18.organelles that build proteins for the cell; may be free in the cytoplasm or attached to rough endoplasmic reticulum.
19.organelles that use digestive enzymes to destroy used, dead, and foreign materials that are left behind after energy is used up.
20.a directional term that refers to body structures farther below the surface of the body.
21.a directional term used to talk about a point closer to the head.


1.a group of organs working together to perform a vital function in the body.
2.a directional term that refers to a part that is farther away from the attachment site on the body; can also be used to describe internal organs.
3.the body plane that divides the body (or organ) into its front and back sections; also called the coronal plane.
4.a directional term that indicates that the part being discussed is closer to the point of attachment to the body; can also be used to describe internal organs.
6.a term that means more than one in number.
8.a directional term that refers to the front side of the body.
9.the organelle that contains genetic material controls the cell's activity.
10.a directional term that refers to the back side of the body. organelle that allows larger enzymes and waste molecule packages to pass through the cell membrane.
15.a word part that appears at the beginning of a word.
17.a small group of organelles that fulfill a specific purpose and are held together by a membrane.

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