Chapter 3: Fundamental Skills in Health Informatics | Crossword


1.a chart that presents data using images.
3.the act of sharing a message, thought, or idea so that it is accurately received and understood.
6.the appropriate conduct, etiquette, or procedures for communication.
7.the mathematical average of a set of data.
9.a chart that shows the relationship of parts of a data set to the whole; also known as pie chart. evaluation process in which a group of patients is sorted according to the urgency of their need for care.
13.term for a code of polite behavior among members of a profession or group.
15.a chart that shows comparisons between categories of data.
16.facts about a specific topic, which are used for reference or analysis. insurance company that pays the healthcare service provider for services rendered to a patient.
20.a person's ability to obtain and understand health-related information and make informed decisions using that information.


2.privately owned and managed.
4.term that describes the number found exactly in the middle when a data is listed in numerical order.
5.the process of recording observations and information about patients.
8.term for the science that includes the collection, organization, and interpretation of numerical data.
10.a chart that shows the changes in data over time.
12.the response of an audience to a message.
14.a chart that arranges data in rows or columns. out-of-pocket fee paid by a person with health insurance at the time a covered service, such as an office visit or a prescription, is received.
18.the number that occurs most frequently in a data set.

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