Business Letter - Figure 2.8

Prepare a sample business letter using the information described here. Follow the guidelines in the textbook for effective correspondence and correct formatting. Letter information: Introduce patients to Dr. James Brace, who will be joining the Smile a Mile dental practice. Dr. Brace’s specialty is orthodontics. Let patients know what services he will provide and how this will improve the dental practice. Include the date on which he will begin seeing patients, and explain how patients can schedule an appointment. The letter is coming from Smile a Mile Dental, which is located at 123 Crown Lane in Amalgam, Idaho 53216. The letter is being sent to Ms. Joanna Northrup, who lives at 517 Sycamore Street in Amalgam, Idaho 53216. Nothing has been enclosed and the letter has not been sent to anyone else. Use today’s date. This letter is written by you on behalf of Dr. Serena Smile.