Chapter 1: Welcome to the Field of Health Science | Crossword

Across medical devices that can be inserted into blood vessels or body cavities for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.
5.insertion of a new gene to replace an abnormal or defective gene.
6.surgeries that allow patients to leave the hospital shortly after a procedure has been completed.
11.documents proving a person’s qualifications for a particular occupation.
12.X-rays that test for breast cancer.
14.groups of similar occupations and industries that share a core set of basic knowledge and skills for all workers.
15.therapies that treat the patient as a whole person after assessing the individual’s physical, social, mental, and spiritual well being.
16.a fertilization process that takes place in a test tube, or otherwise outside the body.
17.a field of science that manipulates individual atoms and molecules to create devices that are thousands of times smaller than current technologies allow.


2.a surgical technique that combines a reliable telephone line and multimedia image communication with robotic equipment and a skilled surgeon who is a considerable distance from the patient.
3.conditions characterized by weakened blood vessels, which can then burst.
4.pertaining to operations that use tubes with cameras and tools attached to them and require very small incisions.
7.devices used to regulate heartbeats.
8.refers to a disease or condition that is long-lasting and potentially lifelong.
9.injection of drugs or another solution directly into a vein.
10.relating to the arteries that supply blood to the heart.
13.a tubular support that is used to keep arteries, blood vessels, canals, or ducts open to aid healing or prevent an obstruction.

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