Chapter 12: Employability Skills | Pretest

  1. Why is it important for you to have a professional attitude at your job?
  2. Name two personal characteristics that might be important for a healthcare worker to have.
  3. Why is it important for you to arrive at your job on time?
  4. Name two important tips to remember regarding your personal appearance and hygiene when working in a healthcare facility.
  5. What are soft skills?
  6. Name three important components of a résumé.
  7. Have you ever had to search for a job? What are two resources that you found especially helpful?
  8. Why might it be important to research a company before you interview for a job there?
  9. What are two topics interviewers are not allowed to touch on as they ask you questions?
  10. Name three things that would be inappropriate to wear to a job interview.
  11. What are two things you should remember to do during an in-person job interview?
  12. Why might you reject a job offer?
  13. Name two things you can do to be the best employee possible.