Chapter 12: Employability Skills | Crossword


1.settlement of differences where each side makes concessions
4.the ability to do your job well
6.the act of identifying with and understanding another person's feelings or situation excited and positive attitude that you can bring to your work
10.methods for alleviating or eliminating sources of conflict
11.the ability to avoid giving offense through your words and actions
13.personal characteristics that enable a person to have pleasant, effective interactions with others make decisions about the best order in which to perform multiple tasks so that the most important tasks are completed first


2.a soft skill that will help you interact with coworkers and patients
3.deep awareness and concern for the suffering of others coupled with the desire to relieve this suffering
4.a letter that accompanies a résumé to provide additional information about the applicant's skills and experience
5.the ability to do more than one thing at the same time
7.being on time for work, appointments, and any other commitments
8.a process for developing contacts and relationships with people who are interested in your future employment
12.a document that summarizes your education, work experiences, and other qualifications for employment; can be printed or submitted electronically

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