Chapter 11: Healthcare Technology | Pretest

  1. Study the computer in your home, at school, or at your local library. What are some components that you notice?
  2. What are some computer software programs that you use on a regular basis?
  3. How do you access the Internet at home or at school? Is the connection provided by a phone line, cable line, DSL, or other service?
  4. Have you ever taken part in a virtual learning environment (online course)? What was your experience like?
  5. Name two questions you can ask yourself when verifying the accuracy of information on the Internet.
  6. What is a computer virus?
  7. Name two things you can do to avoid malware or other computer viruses.
  8. What is cloud technology?
  9. What is Wi-Fi?
  10. What is a firewall?
  11. What are some strategies for developing strong computer passwords?