Chapter 10: Math | Crossword


7.a statement of the equality of two ratios
8.the process of removing one number from another number; the opposite of addition
10.numbers composed of a numerator on top and a denominator on the bottom; indicates part of a whole
12.numbers that name or identify something
14.whole numbers followed by a remaining fraction
16.a number divided into 100 parts; expressed with the percent sign (%)
17.process of determining how many times one number is present in another number
18.collection of records such as addresses, phone numbers, and other patient information


1.the process of combining two or more numbers to obtain their total value
2.a document containing rows and columns of data; useful for organizing numeric values and executing computer calculations
3.numbering system used for counting that is based on multiples of ten
4.comparison of one quantity with another, similar quantity
5.numbers used for counting; do not contain decimal points or fractions; integers
6.mathematical statements containing expressions composed of both numbers and letters; two sides of an equation are separated by an equal sign and must be equal to one another
9.mathematical average of data
11.branch of mathematics that substitutes letters for numbers; involves solving for the unknown
13.the number exactly in the middle of a group of numbers listed in ascending or descending order
15.the number(s) that occur most frequently in a set of numbers

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