Chapter 9: Science | Crossword


3.physical point of connection between two bones; articulation
6.the study of the function of the body
7.chemicals secreted by endocrine glands to regulate body functions
8.fibrous tissues that connect muscles to bone
10.a stage of life beginning between the ages of 8 and 14; indicates sexual reproduction is possible
11.system of acquiring knowledge through observation and experimentation to describe the natural world
12.process in which white blood cells surround, ingest, and destroy a foreign invader
15.any foreign substance, either outside or inside the body, that causes the immune system to produce antibodies
16.the study of the structure of the body
18.a method designed to logically formulate, test, and evaluate a problem or hypothesis
19.tough bands of fibrous tissue that connect bone to bone idea or a suggestion often developed to explain something, the cause of which is unknown


1.white blood cell that destroys pathogenic microorganisms
2.state of internal balance achieved by adjusting the physiological systems of the body
4.ability to resist pathogens
5.transparent, gel-like substance inside of every cell; cellular activities occur here
9.the "brain" of a cell; directs all activities and contains genetic information
11.cells in the body that evolve into specific cells in a particular organ system
13.a protein produced by the immune system; circulates in the plasma in response to the presence of foreign antigens
14.groups of cells that work together to accomplish the same task
17.two or more groups of tissues working together to perform specific functions

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