Chapter 8: Medical Terminology and Disease | Pretest

  1. Name a word you know that contains a prefix and a suffix.
  2. What are two medical abbreviations that you already know?
  3. In which medical field does a neonatologist specialize?
  4. What type of patients does a pediatrician treat?
  5. What does it mean if a disease is hereditary?
  6. What are two factors that might result in an environmental disease?
  7. According to the American Cancer Society, what are the five most common types of cancer?
  8. When might it be unhelpful to use medical abbreviations in a hospital?
  9. AIDS is a medical acronym. Name two other medical acronyms.
  10. Name six body systems.
  11. What is the difference between a diagnosis and a prognosis?
  12. What is the difference between a malignant tumor and a benign one?
  13. What are two things you can do to avoid skin cancer?
  14. What is the most common form of dementia?
  15. What are the five word elements used in medical terminology?
  16. To what do the terms Fowler's, supine, prone, and lateral refer?
  17. Explain the difference between an epidemic and a pandemic.
  18. What is a congenital disease?
  19. Give three examples of prefixes.
  20. Give three examples of suffixes.