Chapter 6: Reading Competence | Pretest

  1. Name two benefits of reading.
  2. What is one way you can improve your vocabulary?
  3. Name two reference books that can help expand your vocabulary.
  4. What is one advantage to using an e-reader to read your books?
  5. When reading a math textbook, what is one thing you can do to increase your comprehension of the material?
  6. Name something you can do to help better understand your history textbook.
  7. What are two elements of a piece of literature to which you must pay close attention?
  8. Do you find it challenging to read material for a specific subject in school? What can you do to improve reading for that subject?
  9. Name two things you should make note of when reading your textbook.
  10. What strategies do you use when taking or reviewing your notes?
  11. Name one technique you can use when approaching difficult reading material.
  12. Have you ever joined a study group? If so, did you find the study group to be helpful?
  13. What is the learning disorder that may cause people to see words or letters in reverse order?
  14. Name a technique or strategy that can improve your reading speed and comprehension.
  15. What is one thing you can do to reduce eye strain?