Chapter 5: Study Skills | Crossword


1.learning techniques such as rhymes, catchphrases, and acronyms used to help remember and retain information
4.different ways that people learn; three basic types include visual, auditory, and kinesthetic; most people have a mixture of all three
5.the process of planning and controlling the amount of time spent on specific activities to increase efficiency and productivity
7.a process of actively and skillfully analyzing and evaluating information to draw a conclusion
8.the act of listening intently to not only hear the words being spoken, but to understand the complete message being sent who learns through experiencing and doing things; labs, field trips, and study breaks can be helpful for this learner who learns best by listening; lectures, discussion, and talking things through are helpful tools for this learner

Down who learns through seeing things; charts, color-coded notes, and videos can be helpful tools for this learner
3.a process by which one initiates, guides, and maintains goal-oriented behavior
6.the feeling of being overwhelmed by worry and pressures in your life

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