Chapter 4: Safety and Infection Control | Crossword


1.term for the three elements needed to start a fire: fuel, heat, and oxygen
4.a small piece of tissue removed from the body for examination
6.parasites that normally choose fleas, lice, ticks, or mites as their host organisms; can cause severe infections
8.term for the use of antimicrobial agents on nonliving objects or surfaces to destroy or deactivate microorganisms
11.infectious microorganisms in human blood that can cause disease
12.term for the proper use of body movements to prevent injury during tasks that require lifting or moving
13.a machine that employs hot, pressurized steam to kill all microorganisms and their spores on a surface
14.organisms that live in or on another organism
15.organisms that include disease causing microorganisms such as yeasts and molds


2.any accidental puncture of the skin by a needle; can be dangerous in a healthcare setting because the puncture can cause a potentially serious infection
3.hand washing with a detergent or antimicrobial soap and water, or by applying an alcohol-based hand rub; considered the single most important way to prevent the spread of infection
4.small, one-celled organisms that cannot be seen by the naked eye; can be pathogenic (cause disease)
5.term for the use of antimicrobial agents on objects, surfaces, or living tissue to reduce the number of disease-causing microorganisms
7.term for simple practices meant to minimize physical effort and discomfort and maximize efficiency
9.needles or any other object that could puncture or cut the skin
10.microorganisms much smaller than bacteria that depend on a living cell to survive; cause many serious diseases and illnesses

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