Chapter 3: Healthcare Ethics and Law | Crossword


1.a person under 18 years of age who has legally established that he or she does not live with parents
4.the amount of time during which any legal action may be taken; after such time a lawsuit may not be filed
8.performing an act that a reasonable person would not have done, or not doing something that a reasonable person would have done in the same or similar circumstance that results in harm to a patient
10.standards concerned with whether a healthcare worker?s actions are legal or illegal
11.a court-appointed person who may make decisions for a patient who is mentally or physically incapable of making such decisions
12.any misconduct or lack of skill that results in patient injury; also known as professional liability
13.standards concerned with whether a healthcare worker?s actions are right or wrong
14.a legal document in which a patient gives written instructions about healthcare issues in the event that the patient becomes unable to make such decisions in the future


2.a legal obligation for healthcare personnel to take reasonable care to avoid causing harm to a patient
3.directives that pertain to a crime in which the guilty party is punished by incarceration and possible fines
5.a cost-effective alternative to litigation
6.a member of the healthcare team who ensures that patients are not abused and that their legal rights are protected
7.directives that pertain to disputes between individuals, organizations, or a combination of the two in which monetary compensation is awarded; also known as tort law
9.the concepts, ideas, and beliefs important and meaningful to a person

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