Chapter 2: Beginning Your Healthcare Career | Pretest

  1. Name two helpful career assessment tools you can find online.
  2. Which hospital employee is responsible for maintaining a patient's health records?
  3. What are four types of educational degrees that you can earn?
  4. What term describes recognition given by a state agency when a person meets the qualifications for a particular occupation?
  5. Name two healthcare career pathways.
  6. Name a career in the therapeutic services career pathway.
  7. What is the test that dental students must take after earning a bachelor's degree?
  8. Name some science-related areas of study that students interested in a veterinary program could focus on in their undergraduate study.
  9. Which two types of healthcare workers are dispatched to an emergency by a 911 operator?
  10. Name a diagnostic career path you can pursue if you have a bachelor's degree.
  11. What are the three categories of eye care professionals?
  12. Which diagnostic services workers can operate an ultrasound machine?
  13. Which career pathway is described as one of the fastest growing fields in the healthcare industry today?
  14. What level of education is required to become a hospital admitting officer?
  15. Who is responsible for a patient's health records in a medical office?
  16. What is rapidly taking the place of paper records in medical offices?
  17. What is the name for the system that categorizes patients according to their diagnosis?
  18. Name a support services job that you can pursue if you have an associate's degree.
  19. What are some specific fields in which a dietitian might have a degree?
  20. What are some careers that might fall under biotechnology research?