Chapter 2: Beginning your Healthcare Career | Crossword

Across infections
5.a healthcare pathway offering careers in implementing procedures to determine causes of diseases or disorders path that offers hands-on experience with patients and focuses on changing the health status of a patient over time
8.a sector of the hospital that plays a critical role in providing a clean, safe environment for all who enter a healthcare facility
9.recognition given for completing a course of study
10.a two-year college degree, often offered through a community college and awarded after completing 60 credit hours or more when on a semester system


1.academic degree awarded by a college or university to those who complete from one to two years (depending on the degree) of prescribed study beyond the bachelor's degree
2.a job exploration tool that involves following an employee completing the tasks of a job you find interesting
3.term for the progression from an entry-level position to higher levels of pay, skill, and responsibility
5.a degree awarded after two to six years of education beyond the bachelor's degree; available in many disciplines
6.recognition given by a state agency when a person meets the qualifications for a particular occupation; given after the person passes a licensure examination; required in order to practice

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