Chapter 11: The Endocrine System | Crossword


2.condition of much (excessive) thirst
3.chemical substances that travel in the bloodstream to targeted glands or organs and are critical to homeostasis (normal body function)
4.gland located above the heart; important in the development of immunity in newborns
6.male reproductive glands
9.female reproductive glands
11.gland behind the stomach that regulates insulin and glucose production and secretes digestive enzymes
12.pertaining to the thymus gland
13.tumor of a gland
14.small, gray, rounded body attached to the base of the brain; secretes hormones that regulate growth, reproduction, and various metabolic activities
15.condition of below-normal thyroid gland
16.condition of much (excessive) urine


1.the study of the endocrine system
2.small, pine-cone-shaped structure in the brain that secretes melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep
3.a state of physiological equilibrium within the body
4.inflammation of the thyroid gland
5.enlargement of a gland
7.excision of the thymus gland
8.resembling a gland
10.pertaining to the adrenal gland

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