Chapter 9: The Respiratory System | Crossword


1.instrument used to observe the bronchus
4.painful or difficult breathing
8.above-normal breathing
10.the primary organs of respiration (breathing)
12.condition of without oxygen
13.the throat
14.incision to the trachea
15.without breathing
16.tubes that carry air into the lungs
17.measure of breathing
18.tiny, grape-like sacs in which exchange of gases (oxygen and carbon) occurs
19.blood in the pleural cavity
20.inflammation of the nose


1.slow breathing
2.below-normal breathing
3.air in the pleural cavity
5.physician who specializes in the study and treatment of diseases and disorders of the respiratory system
6.pertaining to the trachea
7.condition of the lung
9.a thin, serous (watery) membrane that envelops each lung and also lines the chest cavity breathing

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