Chapter 6: Special Sensory Organs: Eye and Ear | Crossword


2.inflammation of the iris
7.instrument used to observe the ear
11.inflammation of the eardrum of the ear
14.transparent outer layer of the eye that covers the iris and pupil and allows light to enter
18.instrument used to measure the cornea
20.external (outer) ear
21.discharge from the ear
22.abnormal condition of fungus in the ear
23.abnormal condition of fungus in the eye


1.pertaining to the eye or vision
3.innermost layer of the eye that receives images formed by the lens
4.excision of the eardrum
5.structure of the eye that focuses light onto the retina
6.colored portion of the anterior eye
8.surgical repair of the ear
9.central cavity of the ear opening in the eardrum
13.three small bones of the ear that transmit vibrations from the eardrum to the internal ear
15.pertaining to the eye
16.record of hearing
17.inflammation of the ear
19.pain in the ear

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