Chapter 5: The Lymphatic and Immune Systems | Crossword


1.a specific substance that, when introduced into the body, stimulates the production of an antibody
3.disease of the lymph vessels
8.excision of the thymus
9.the organ above the stomach that contains infection fighting leukocytes, controls the amount of blood in the body, and destroys old or damaged red blood cells
11.two small, oval-shaped tissue masses that lie at the back of the pharynx (throat); protect the body from infection by trapping pathogens that enter through the mouth or nose
12.a specialized type of disease-fighting cell that engulfs and destroys bacteria and other harmful microorganisms in the body
16.abnormal condition of the lymph glands of disease
19.pertaining to the thymus
20.tumor of the spleen
21.tumor of the thymus


2.excision of the tonsils
4.specialist in the study and treatment of disease
5.pertaining to lymph
7.pertaining to the tonsils
10.tumor of the lymph
13.small masses of lymphoid tissue located posterior to the nasal cavity; when infected, can become enlarged and interfere with breathing
14.a microorganism capable of causing disease; examples include bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, toxins, and cancer cells
15.small, butterfly-shaped gland in the upper chest beneath the sternum (breastbone); produces specialized leukocytes called T lymphocytes (T cells)
17.pertaining to the spleen

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