Chapter 4: The Musculoskeletal System | Crossword


1.pertaining to the skull
2.C-shaped disk of cartilage that cushions the knee joint
5.inflammation of the bursa/sac
7.softening of the bone
10.pertaining to the back
13.image of the joint
15.pertaining to between vertebrae (plural form of vertebra)
17.the point at which one bone meets another bone
18.pertaining to between ribs
19.movement together
20.deficiency/abnormal reduction of bone


1.pertaining to cartilage and ribs
2.weakness of the muscle
3.rupture of the heart
4.pertaining to the sternum (breastbone)
6.pertaining to below the rib
8.inflammation of the tendon surgically bind/tie together joints
11.without development
12.inflammation of the joints
14.pain in the muscle of fibrous tissue that attaches muscle to bone

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