Chapter 2: The Integumentary System | Crossword Puzzle


2.pertaining to a sac containing fluid
5.inflammation of the skin
8.pertaining to fungus
10.tumor of the nail
11.pertaining to producing pus
17.pertaining to within the skin tumor
19.tumor/mass of blood
20.specialized cells in the epidermis that produce skin pigment or resembling fat
22.abnormal condition of the nail


1.physician who specializes in the study, diagnosis, and treatment of disease
3.flow/discharge of sebum or oil
4.pertaining to blue skin
6.pertaining to across the skin
7.oily substance secreted by the sebaceous glands
9.incision/cut into the nail
12.tumor/mass of fat
13.flow/discharge of pus
14.pertaining to death
15.pertaining to scale-like
16.the layer of skin beneath the epidermis; the "true skin"

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