Chapter 2: The Integumentary System | Matthew Dixon's Chart Note


Patient Name: Dixon, Matthew
ID Number: 98651
Examination Date: February 16, 20xx

Patient presents with painful lump on right side of neck. Slight fever of 101°F, but denies any chills or sweating.

There is an erythematous cystic lesion of the epidermis measuring 3×4 cm. The mass is fluctuant (movable and compressible) and slightly tender to the touch. No lymphadenomegaly (enlarged lymph glands) noted.

Infected sebaceous cyst; right neck.

Area was sterilely prepped and injected with 1% lidocaine (drug that numbs). A #11 scalpel blade was used to incise the pyogenic cyst. Copious amounts of purulent (pus-containing) material and sebum were extracted. Wound was irrigated with sterile saline solution and packed with ¼-inch gauze, and sterile dressing was applied. The sebaceous material was sent for culture. Prescribed cephalexin 250 mg q.i.d. × 10 days (take a 250 mg tablet of cephalexin, an antibiotic, 4 times per day for 10 days). Will return in 2 days for recheck.

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