Lesson 12.3 Crossword


1.immunity in which the blood plasma cells in the body make antibodies as a result of previous exposure to a disease or a vaccine
4.immunity associated with free antibodies that circulate in the blood; antibody-mediated immunity
5.repeated division of a lymphocyte that produces many exact genetic copies (clones) of itself
7.the formation of an insoluble complex, such as a clump of antigen molecules joined together by antibodies
8.immunity that comes from antibodies received from an outside source, such as breast milk
9.immune system response to an infectious agent that it has encountered before
10.the initial immune system response to a foreign invader such as a virus or bacterium


2.the cells and chemicals that contribute to the body's specific defenses against disease
3.B lymphocytes and T lymphocytes in lymphatic tissues that can respond if a previously encountered antigen invades the body again
6.a programmed process of cellular self-destruction (cell suicide)

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