Lesson 12.2 Crossword


1.a system of 11 proteins that circulate in the blood plasma through the body and work together to destroy foreign substances; complements, or balances out, the specific and nonspecific defense systems of the body
6.proteins released by cells that have been infected with viruses; interfere with virus reproduction
7.the process by which a cell engulfs and destroys foreign matter and cellular debris
8.connective tissue cell with granules (particles) that contain histamine, a compound which, when released into surrounding fluid, activates an inflammatory response
9.leukocytes that develop into phagocytizing macrophages when they migrate out of lymphatic circulation into surrounding tissue
10.proteins that make cells more attractive to phagocytes
11.a mode of complement system activation in which a circulating complement protein recognizes an antibody bound to foreign material
12.the maintenance of body temperature at a higher-than- normal level
13.fatty acids involved in the control of inflammation and body temperature


2.the process in which cell membranes fuse together and then push debris from the cell vesicles to the outside of the cell
3.chemicals that tend to cause fever by raising the set-point temperature of the neurons in the hypothalamus
4.the most common type of white blood cell; can slip out of capillaries and into surrounding tissue, where they destroy bacteria and cellular debris
5.cells that engulf and consume bacteria, foreign material, and debris

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