Lesson 11.2 Crossword


1.the left limbs or branches through which electrical impulses are transmitted from the bundle of His through the left ventricle
6.a slender bundle of modified cardiac muscle that conducts electrical impulses from the AV node to the left and right bundle branches to Purkinje fibers in the ventricle
8.a normal heart rhythm but with a rate below 60 bpm; a condition common among athletes
9.a small mass of specialized tissue located in the right atrium that normally acts as the pacemaker of the heart, causing it to beat at a rate between 60 and 100 bpm
10.condition in which the atria contract in an uncoordinated, rapid manner (rate above 350 bpm), causing the ventricles to contract irregularly
11.to relax; the atria and ventricles repolarize as the heart beats
12.part of the impulse-conducting network of the heart that rapidly transmits impulses throughout the ventricles, causing ventricular contraction


2.a normal heart rhythm but with a rate above 100 bpm
3.pressure-sensitive nerve endings in the atrium, aortic arch, and carotid arteries
4.a condition in which the impulses traveling from the SA node to the ventricles are delayed, intermittently blocked, or completely blocked by the AV node
5.to contract; the atria and ventricles depolarize as the heart beats
7.an irregular heartbeat or rhythm

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