Lesson 9.2 Crossword


1.the amount of air that can be inhaled immediately after a normal inhalation
4.the process by which the lungs provide oxygen to body tissues and dispose of carbon dioxide; breathing
6.an involuntary impulse triggered by stretch receptors in the bronchioles and alveoli that halts inspiration and initiates exhalation
7.the process by which air is expelled from the lungs; exhalation
8.the volume of air that never leaves the lungs, even after the most forceful expiration
9.the process by which oxygen and carbon dioxide are transported to and from the lungs and tissues
10.the process of continuously moving air in and out of the lungs
11.a combination of the vital capacity plus the residual volume; IRV + TV + ERV + RV


2.the process by which air flows into the lungs; inhalation
3.the total amount of air that can be forcibly expired from the lungs after a maximum inspiration
5.the amount of air inhaled in a normal breath

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