Lesson 8.1 Crossword


1.a hormone that promotes glucose uptake in body tissues
4.type of endocrine control in which endocrine organs are stimulated by hormones from other endocrine organs, starting with the hypothalamus
7.type of endocrine control in which levels of various substances in body fluids are monitored for homeostatic imbalance
8.type of endocrine control in which nerve fibers stimulate the endocrine organs to release hormones


3.the chief neurohormone of the adrenal medulla that is used as a heart stimulant, a vasoconstrictor (which narrows the blood vessels), and a bronchodilator (which relaxes the bronchial tubes in the lungs)
5.hormone secreted by the pancreas that causes the breakdown of glycogen stored in the liver
6.chemical messengers secreted by the endocrine glands

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