Lesson 7.3 Crossword


1.a dime-sized area at the top of each nasal cavity that houses sensors responsible for smell
6.tiny bumps on the tongue that house taste buds
7.sensory receptors within a taste bud
9.threads that emerge from the gustatory cells
10.the sensors responsible for smell
11.fibers in the olfactory nerve that receive impulses from olfactory receptor cells
12.threads that extend from the olfactory receptor cells into the nasal cavity
13.sensory receptors for taste


2.tiny airborne particles from food that trigger the sense of smell
3.the structure made of cartilage that divides the left and right air passages in the nose
4.molecules that trigger a reaction to irritation of the nasal membranes, which produces nasal congestion and drainage
5.compounds that stimulate the gustatory hairs to send nerve impulses to the brain
8.very small openings in the top of the taste buds through which gustatory hairs project

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