Lesson 7.1 Crossword


2.the continuation of the optic nerve fibers beyond the optic chiasma
7.the middle layer of the wall of the eye
8.tear secretors; located above the lateral end of each eye
9.transmitter of visual sensory signals to the occipital lobe of the brain
12.the innermost layer of the eye, containing light-sensitive nerve endings that send impulses through the optic nerves to the brain
13.secretors of an oily substance; located in the eyelids
14.the point at which the optic nerves cross
16.muscles attached to the outer surface of the eye that are responsible for changing the direction of viewing


1.the structure between the choroid and the iris that anchors the lens in place
3.a transparent tissue over the anterior center of the eye
4.modified sweat glands located between the eyelashes
5.the tough, fibrous outer layer of the eye
6.sensory cells in the retina that are sensitive to bright light and provide color vision
7.a delicate external membrane that covers the exposed eyeball and lines the eyelid
8.a transparent, flexible structure that is curved outward on both sides
10.the opening through which light rays enter the eye
11.sensory cells in the retina that are activated in dim light
15.the anterior portion of the choroid, which gives the eye its color

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