Lesson 6.5 Crossword


2.condition involving a progressive loss of brain function with major consequences for memory, thinking, and behavior
5.an organic brain disease involving loss of function in two or more areas of cognition
6.mild or severe trauma that can result from a violent impact to the head
7.a group of brain disorders characterized by repeated seizures over time
8.disorder characterized by loss of function in the lower trunk and legs
9.a chronic, slowly progressive disease of the central nervous system that destroys the myelin sheath of nerve cell axons
10.a chronic nervous system disease characterized by a slowly spreading tremor, muscular weakness, and rigidity


1.a group of nervous system disorders resulting from brain damage before or during birth, or in early infancy
3.an infection-induced inflammation of the meninges surrounding the brain and spinal cord
4.disorder characterized by loss of function below the neck

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