Lesson 6.1 Crossword


1.branch of the nervous system that stimulates the skeletal muscles
5.motor transmitters that carry impulses from the central nervous system out to the muscles and glands
6.the thin, membranous sheath enveloping a nerve fiber
7.part of an axon that contains a nucleus
9.sensory transmitters that send impulses from receptors in the skin, muscles, and joints to the central nervous system
10.the uninsulated gaps in the myelin sheath of a nerve fiber where the axon is exposed
11.the brain and spinal cord.
12.branch of the nervous system that controls involuntary body functions


2.the fatty bands of insulation surrounding axon fibers
3.the intersection between a neuron and another neuron, a muscle, a gland, or a sensory receptor
4.non-neural tissue that forms the interstitial or supporting elements of the CNS; also known as glial cells
8.branches of a neuron that collect stimuli and transport them to the cell body

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