Lesson 5.4 Crossword


3.the name for pain localized to the anterior lower leg
6.a group of similar, inherited disorders characterized by progressively worsening muscle weakness and loss of muscle tissue
8.moderate to severe muscle spasms that cause pain
9.a condition in which a calcium mass forms within a muscle three to four weeks after a muscle injury


1.an injury that occurs when a muscle is stretched beyond the limits to which it is accustomed
2.inflammation of a tendon, usually accompanied by pain and swelling
4.degeneration of a tendon believed to be caused by microtears in the tendon connective tissue
5.the bruises or bleeding within a muscle that result from an impact
7.a balloon-like section of the lining of the abdominal cavity that protrudes through a hole or weakened section of the muscles in the abdomen

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