Lesson 5.2 Crossword


2.units composed of actin and myosin that contract inside the muscle fiber
5.the link between an axon terminal and a muscle fiber
7.the electric charge produced in nerve or muscle fiber by stimulation
8.offshoots of the axon that branch out to connect with individual muscle fibers
10.a nerve that stimulates skeletal muscle tissue
11.type of muscle that contracts slowly and is fatigue resistant
12.a type of muscle fiber arrangement in which each fiber attaches obliquely to a central tendon
13.connections between the heads of myosin filaments and receptor sites on the actin filaments


1.a neurotransmitter chemical that stimulates muscle
3.the tiny gap that separates the axon terminal and muscle fiber
4.a type of muscle fiber arrangement in which fibers run largely parallel to each other along the length of the muscle
6.a single motor neuron and all of the muscle fibers that it stimulates
9.a sustained, maximal level of muscle tension that occurs with high-frequency stimulation

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