Lesson 5.1 Crossword


1.a wave of symmetrical squeezing of the digestive tract walls that occurs during digestion
4.an individual skeletal muscle cell
7.a flat, sheetlike fibrous tissue that connects muscle or bone to other tissues
10.a type of contraction that involves no change in muscle length
11.a fine, protective sheath of connective tissue around a skeletal muscle fiber
12.the ability to be stretched
13.a bundle of muscle fibers
14.the ability to respond to a stimulus
15.the ability to contract or shorten


2.role played by a skeletal muscle acting to slow or stop a movement
3.a connective tissue sheath that envelops each primary bundle of muscle fibers
5.contraction accompanied by lengthening of a muscle
6.a type of contraction that results in shortening of a muscle
8.the outermost sheath of connective tissue that surrounds a skeletal muscle
9.the delicate membrane surrounding each striated muscle fiber

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