Lesson 4.4 Crossword


1.type of diarthrosis in which one articulating bone surface is an oval, convex shape, and the other is a reciprocally shaped concave surface
6.a diarthrodial joint
8.type of diarthrosis that allows only sliding motion of the articulating bones
10.joint type that permits only slight motions
11.type of diarthrosis in which the articulating bone surfaces are both shaped like the seat of a riding saddle
12.joint at which dense, fibrous tissue binds the bones together, permitting extremely limited movement
13.fibrous joint that can absorb shock, but permits little or no movement of the articulating bones
14.type of amphiarthrosis joint in which the articulating bones are held together by a thin layer of hyaline cartilage


2.freely movable joints; also known as synovial joints
3.double-layered synovial structures surrounding tendons subject to friction given their position close to bones; secrete synovial fluid to promote free motion of the tendons during joint movement
4.type of amphiarthrosis joint in which a thin plate of hyaline cartilage separates a disc of fibrocartilage from the bones
5.type of diarthrosis that allows only hingelike movements in forward and backward directions
7.bands composed of collagen and elastic fibers that connect bones to other bones
9.small capsules lined with synovial membranes and filled with synovial fluid; they cushion the structures they separate

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