Lesson 4.3 Crossword


1.bones of the shoulders, arms, and hands
4.small bones of the ankle
6.bones of the wrist
7.the bones of the body's appendages; the arms and legs
13.smaller of the two bones in the forearm; rotates around the ulna
14.major bone of the upper arm
15.doubly curved long bone that forms part of the shoulder girdle; the collarbone
16.bones of the hips, legs, and feet


2.bones of the fingers
3.bone of the lower leg; does not bear weight
4.the five interior bones of the hand, connecting the carpals in the wrist to the phalanges in the fingers
5.major weight-bearing bone of the lower leg
8.larger bone of the lower arm
9.shoulder blade
10.bones of the pelvic girdle and the coccyx at the base of the spine
12.thigh bone

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