Lesson 4.1 Crossword


3.growth plate near the ends of long bones where osteoblast activity increases bone length
5.material with a rich blood supply found within the marrow cavity of long bones; yellow marrow stores fat, and red marrow is active in producing blood cells
8.process of bone formation
10.interior, spongy bone with a porous, honeycomb structure
11.process through which adult bone can change in density, strength, and sometimes shape
13.process of blood cell formation
14.specialized bone cells that resorb bone tissue
15.the bulbous end of a long bone


1.fibrous connective tissue membrane that surrounds and protects the shaft (diaphysis) of long bones
2.dense, solid bone that covers the outer surface of all bones and is the main form of bone tissue in the long bones
4.tiny cavities laid out in concentric circles around the Haversian canals
6.mature bone cells
7.specialized bone cells that build new bone tissue
9.the shaft of a long bone
12.a Haversian system

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