Lesson 3.3 Crossword


1.the form of herpes that generates cold sores or fever blisters around the mouth
5.a highly contagious, common childhood disease that is characterized by extremely itchy, fluid-filled blisters
8.cancer of the melanocytes; the most serious form of skin cancer
10.a disease that involves a painful, blistering rash accompanied by headache, fever, and a general feeling of unwellness
11.a bacterial infection common in elementary school children that is characterized by pink, blister- like bumps, usually on the face
12.a fungal infection that tends to occur in areas of the body that are moist
13.warts that typically appear on the hands or fingers and disappear without treatment


2.warts that develop on the soles of the foot, grow inward, and can become painful
3.a method used in calculating body surface area affected by burns
4.a common skin disorder that involves redness, irritation, and scales (flaky, silver-white patches) that itch, burn, crack, and sometimes bleed
6.a bacterial infection characterized by an inflamed area of skin that is red, swollen, and painful
7.inflammation of the peritoneum, the membrane lining the inner wall of the abdomen and covering the abdominal organs
9.inflammation of the pleura, the membrane that encases the lungs

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