Lesson 2.3 Crossword

3.the ability of a material to withstand compression (inward-pressing force) without buckling
7.a gland that secretes its product to the outside world
11.a class of tissue that includes epithelia and glands
13.epithelial cells that are organized to produce and secrete substances
14.bone tissue
15.voluntary muscle that is usually attached to bone and helps us to move

1.a type of tissue that conveys information by electrical signaling
2.the major tissue of the heart
4.a type of tissue that generates force and allows the body to move
5.involuntary muscle found in the walls of hollow organs
6.the ability of a material to spring back to its original shape after being stretched
8.the cells that make up nerve tissue
9.the hollow inside portion of a body cavity or tube
10.a connective tissue that provides support and flexibility to parts of the skeleton
12.the study of tissues

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