Lesson 2.2 Crossword


1.the solid or gel-like substance that surrounds a typical cell
7.the membrane that defines the outer shell of a cell
10.a set of three bases in DNA or RNA that codes for one amino acid
12.molecules with a hollow central pore that allows water or small, charged particles of certain substances to pass into or out of the cells
13.the enzyme that makes an RNA molecule complementary to a gene on DNA
14.a network of proteins that defines the shape of a cell and gives it mechanical strength
15.very large enzymes that make polypeptides


2.finger-like extensions that increase the surface area of a cell
3.proteins with carbohydrate groups attached
4.organelles in the cytoplasm that make ATP
5.short cylinders made of nine triplets of parallel microtubules
6.the division of a cell nucleus and chromosomes into two nuclei, each with its own set of identical chromosomes
8.the part of the cell that contains everything inside the cell membrane except the nucleus
9.a hair-like projection that actively flexes back and forth to move fluid or mucus across the outside of a cell
11.a rounded or oval mass of protoplasm within the cytoplasm of a cell that contains the cell's DNA and is bounded by a membrane

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